10 Under the Ben – an exercise in hurting

‘Have you entered 10 Under the Ben? You should do it as a test for WEMBO.’ came the message from Jon (e3coach.com). When the boss says jump you say how many times, how high AND what should my heart rate be! I have never raced 10 UTB solo. In fact, I have only attended the... Continue Reading →


It’s all about the journey

It had seemed like the perfect plan. Take the 2:30 train to Inverness, pick up the bike, ride along the Great Glen Way a bit for an idyllic camping spot with views over Loch Ness to wake to then cane ourselves Saturday over the Corrieyairack Pass to get to Perth and an easy ride from... Continue Reading →

Taking a week ‘off’

This blog is not designed to brag about the amazing holiday I’ve just had with Charlie and the kids. In the sun. With bikes. And beer. But it’s an inevitable by-product! Sorry. Not sorry. It’s been no secret that I’ve struggled with motivation these last few months. A broken ankle and associated rehab meant I... Continue Reading →

No failure in trying

My friend Nienke and I are preparing for the race of our lives, Offroad Finnmark 700. A 700km race around Finnmark with only 3 3-hour mandatory rest points. No female team has yet completed the race so we know it’s a tall ask. But someone has to be the first. And we're preparing. Taking on... Continue Reading →

Snow days

It’s not hard to be put off by weather, and in winter, and I mean ‘proper’ winter, that weather comes in the form of snow. Apparently there are lots of types of snow. Or at least that’s what all my skiing friends tell me. Who knew?! As far as biking goes there are 2: snow... Continue Reading →

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