World Mental Health Day

During World Mental Health Awareness Week this year I posted a series of tips on my Instagram account on how I try to deal with my own mental health. I've rewritten them all here. Mental Health issues are still hard to discuss openly but it shouldn't be that way. If you're struggling please don't harm... Continue Reading →

How to keep training during lockdown

Create a small, local loop In the UK we are fortunate to be allowed one form of outdoors exercise a day. Other countries seem less strict while places like France have curtailed your exercise to within 1km from your home. Whatever your restrictions, there are imaginative things that you can still do. 1. Climb a... Continue Reading →

Pressure to Perform

I was struck dumb today by the tragic loss to the triathlon community of Chris Stirling. I’m certain many more eloquent things will be written about him by people who knew him better than I did, but to me he was always a kind and generous person, for whom taking time to talk about your... Continue Reading →

Return of the head game

Water is streaming down my forehead, carrying the remains of yesterday morning’s moisturiser into my eyes with stinging accuracy. There’s little point in wiping it away as the forecast said suck it up Dorothy, ‘cause it ain’t stopping any time soon. I blink. The course is quieter now; those night time laps and the less... Continue Reading →

Doing the Dubh

What do you do when your mate is feeling a bit blue that the ski season is over? Some other mental shit is what. Mike Austin, one half of Avalanche Geeks, is kind of a big deal in Avalanche training and Ski Mountaineering circles. Or so he likes to tell me. He’s been known to... Continue Reading →

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