Me and my Bokeh

I was recently asked to write about my Mason Bokeh and the adaptations I've made to it for the Silk Road Mountain Race. Here's what I said:


Doing the Dubh

What do you do when your mate is feeling a bit blue that the ski season is over? Some other mental shit is what. Mike Austin, one half of Avalanche Geeks, is kind of a big deal in Avalanche training and Ski Mountaineering circles. Or so he likes to tell me. He’s been known to... Continue Reading →

Slovakia and the yellow jersey

I don’t often write race reports. Mostly because I don’t often enjoy reading them. And a 24 hour race could be quite a monotonous recall of lap after lap after lap of the same thing. Aside from Finale last year though, which ended rather disastrously for me (you can see my blog here), this was... Continue Reading →

It’s all about the journey

It had seemed like the perfect plan. Take the 2:30 train to Inverness, pick up the bike, ride along the Great Glen Way a bit for an idyllic camping spot with views over Loch Ness to wake to then cane ourselves Saturday over the Corrieyairack Pass to get to Perth and an easy ride from... Continue Reading →

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